Compelling Reasons Why You Need A Sensible Social Media Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Modern business management calls for modern business strategies. Thanks to the Internet, marketing has become a one-click strategy that businesses are currently aiming to adapt effectively. Traditional marketing has now merged with new ways of reaching out to your target market. While social media marketing seems to be quite an effective strategy, it is evident that many of those who tried it on their own have not seen a return on their investment. Whether it’s time or money, there’s a lot to lose by failing to use the right strategy.

If you own a business and want to make the most of your online presence, utilizing effective social media strategies will improve how you reach out to your target market and increase profits,

Here are 3 compelling reasons why businesses should invest in creating a sensible social media strategy to widen audience reach and improve sales.

#1 – Social Media Marketing Allows You To Have A Control On Your Marketing Dollars

If you think you need to shell out a high marketing budget just to be effective in your social media marketing strategy, then you are mistaken. Ads aren’t always the answer on social media.

Organic Social Media Content

You can utilize the power of organic social media content to reach your business goal. Organic content is any relevant content, like photos, videos, memes, stories, reels, or textual posts, that you can post for free on your business social media pages. These are posts that all social media users get to share on their feeds.

Organic posts on your business social media pages are open for people to see, and they can decide for themselves if they want to keep your company name on top of their minds by following or subscribing to your social media pages. Other information on your pages that are visible to your audience include:

  • Your business’s organic reach. It is the number of followers or likes your business has.
  • Your followers’ profiles and the profiles of their followers or connections.
  • People who follow any hashtags you use in your content caption.

Many businesses use organic social media content to nurture a connection with their customers without breaking the bank. Since content posting is free, brands use organic content to:

  • Establish their personality, space, and brand voice or identity in the market.
  • Build customer relationships by sharing informative, entertaining, inspiring, and relevant content.
  • Provide efficient customer support via social media chats.
  • Engage and entice customers on their buying journey.
  • Convert new customers by showcasing what others say about the brand or the page through social media comments or review sections.

Paid Social Media Content

While it is technically free, organic social media content takes a lot of time, experimentation, and experience to get right. This is why most businesses also invest in paid social media ads.

Paid social media content strategy allows you to connect with new customers or audience and, at the same time, helps you to:

  • Reach a more significant number of people.
  • Target ideal customers more precisely.
  • Achieve your business goals way faster than organic content promotion.

With these advantages, paid social media content requires a budget and expertise to execute effectively.

In short, while organic social media content is essential for relationship-building, paid social media content also significantly converts your audience to paying customers. Its technical capabilities to play along social media algorithms help your brand get noticed faster in the social media realm and drive massive potential customers or buyers for your business.

#2 – Social Media Marketing Can Help With Your Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a technology businesses use to manage all relations and interactions with current and potential customers. By now, it is established that taking a practical step toward social media marketing can help you consistently engage with your customers.

You can run organic or paid social media campaigns. These social media marketing strategies are both content-based, but they are used to harness different goals. Organic content promotes awareness of your brand for free, and paid content aims to convert the audience that will see your content into paying customers. There is no better strategy between the two, and you probably want to do a bit of both to nail a sensible strategy.

The more you increase your social media presence and activities, the more information you have about your target audience. Both organic and paid social media content allow you to study, learn, and keep a record of your customers and potential customers’ preferences, comments, suggestions, and feedback. This information is essential in optimizing your social media strategies to make them more sensible and effective.

Social media allows you to obtain information such as your audience’s location, age, interest, gender, etc. On a deeper level, you can understand and analyze the needs of your audience and determine a way to help them through your products or services.

At this point, all the hard work in building quality relationships with your audience can pay off as you capitalize on your audience information to build your paid social media ads.

Most social media platforms can create lookalike audiences based on your best customers or subscribers, social media users who have engaged with your business page or content, or people who bought your product or got your services in a particular date range from the past. A lookalike audience will harness a similar target audience who haven’t been introduced to your brand yet. Thus, creating an opportunity for you to cultivate, nurture and engage with this new set of potential customers.

Furthermore, you can also stay connected to your organic audience through retargeting strategy. Most social media platforms allow you to have highly effective, relatively low-cost remarketing campaigns wherein people who’ve come to your social media page or engage with your content will constantly be reminded of your brand through remarketing ads. The idea is to entice these audiences to come back and convert into paying customers.

#3 – Social Media Marketing Can Help Establish Solid Connections And Grow Your Customer Base

Once your business already has a live profile on several social media platforms, and your organic and paid content are working hand in hand to spread brand awareness and nurture audiences and paying customers, a possible next action to take could be a collaboration with influencers and picking the right social media platform for content collaboration.

With the increased desire of many people to be influencers and brand ambassadors these days, businesses can take advantage of solid collaborations with connections that can help their brand name thrive. The more relevant and popular your connections are, the more likely your social media marketing will get more exposure and reach a broader customer base.

In considering influencers to work with, picking the low-hanging fruits could be more sustainable when you want to collaborate and harness connections for your brand. Micro-influencers, or those with no millions of followers yet, can have a decent number of followers that can still be potential customers for your business. Plus, they are much more affordable in case they want a paid collaboration, compared to super popular influencers.

It is important to remember that not all social media platforms are created equally. Choosing the right platforms for your industry, the audience you want to target, and the products or services you are trying to promote is crucial to making sensible use of your content and connections.

There are no specific rules in picking the right social media channel to use, but what channel you pick may be influenced by several factors that constantly evolve depending on your business goals. For example, if your products and services are for young audiences like 18 to 25, Instagram or TikTok could be good social media platforms. Similarly, if you have a video-based campaign, YouTube could be a good platform for it. If you are targeting business-to-business, LinkedIn is a great platform to use. Again, deciding on which social media platform and which content to go to which channel will still be dependent on the sensible social media marketing strategy that you have for your business.

Why Hire A Professional Social Media Management Services For Your Brand?

There are undoubtedly different ropes of social media management that are used to operate the different aspects of online marketing today. Although there are different platforms where online content can be posted, interlinking them will help you create a more solid digital presence for your business and brand. One thing about social media is that “it is more.” It requires more time and effort, more assets to build, more postings needed, and when all strategies pay off, more revenue to have.

Without ample knowledge of how digital marketing and social media systems work, you might find yourself lost in the process. Even if you are someone who knows the in and out of your social media marketing plan, executing them takes time and effort. Handling social media marketing on your own could be challenging without the proper know-how and a tested process. In this case, the help of professional social media management services is a great solution to have.

Advantages Of Working With Social Media Experts


Social media experts can help you automate your everyday workflow as much as possible. Like what we do here at Lauer Media Company, we help our clients schedule organic posts in advance and streamline their editing and content approval process. We utilize automation tools for designing and posting. As experts in digital marketing, we can quickly determine what content is appealing to our client’s target audience. Thus, making the content lineup process way faster to do.


From Search Engine Optimization of the content you release on social media platforms to how they can also drive traffic to your website, there are so many more technicalities to online marketing than simply coming up with an appealing idea for a social media ad or content. Our marketing experts at Lauer Media Company have the proper know-how to integrate your social media marketing strategy into your company’s overall digital marketing plan that heeds one goal – revenue for your business.


Partnering with Lauer Media as your social media management and digital marketing provider will give you a consistent and integrated social media marketing strategy. We will take care of your content directives, create compelling assets and never miss posting schedules, so you can focus more on managing the other aspects of your business.

To Conclude

While competition is remarkably tough online, using the most sensible strategy to improve your social media presence and approach to getting the attention of your target market can give you a competitive advantage. Getting the help of experts to assist you with implementing the best social media marketing strategy will enable you to achieve your marketing goal faster without sweating over the technical requirements and busy workflow it involves.

Both large and small-scale businesses now realize the need to invest in social media marketing and get help from social media experts to effectively put their brand names on the market. The more familiar the market is with the business and what it has to offer, the more profit the business can make.

If you need help with your social media marketing and want a killer strategy to achieve great results, drop us a line here at Lauer Media company, and we’ll be happy to give recommendations and lay out other digital marketing options we can do for your business.

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