Vanessa Guiles

Vanessa Guiles

Content and Outreach Manager

“If you take care of your character, your reputation will take care of itself.” 

— Lord Alan Sugar

Meet Vanessa Guiles — Lauer Media Company’s Content and Outreach Manager. Her strong entrepreneurial spirit and digital marketing and business development expertise make her a solid driving force for any business department she oversees. Her dedication and visionary leadership are fundamental to her dynamic and impactful role within the company.


Vanessa finds inspiration in influential figures like Alan Sugar, Robert Kiyosaki, and Jack Welch — all of whom she considers her virtual mentors. As a business owner herself, she avidly follows and learns from numerous industry leaders and business icons and, in turn, finds fulfillment and joy in sharing with others the knowledge she’s accumulated throughout her decades of experience in the industry. She is a meticulous leader who skillfully and tirelessly steers her team to deliver top-notch results in content development, business prospecting, and outreach.


Beyond the boardroom, brainstorming sessions, and project strategizing, Vanessa strives to find balance and rejuvenate. She’s fond of reading business literature, binge-watching her favorite movies and TV shows, shopping, eating and trying different cuisines, and enjoying moments with family on well-deserved vacations. She embraces life with the same passion she brings to her professional endeavors.