Koda August

Business Development Manager

“Different is better than better”

Koda is a business development manager for Lauer Media Company. A bit scatterbrained at times and a former resident troublemaker, Koda has a few strengths and a few weaknesses. His superpowers include out-of-the-box thinking as well an obsession with digital marketing. 


Koda began using social media & digital marketing strategies when he created his first online business at the age of 16. He now loves solving problems and helping other businesses grow and scale. He loves to joke that his hobby is collecting hobbies. He is always looking to learn something new. 


At home, his favorite pastime is spending time with his wife and his dog. He is also a huge fan of Japanese anime and sushi, which is fitting because he was born in Japan. He has lived all over the world and could eat Chinese food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One time, he unknowingly came one plate short of breaking a Chinese restaurant’s record for most dishes served in a single sitting… totally by accident. He was a kid at the time and lost only to a US army soldier from 2 years prior. Koda ordered 26 plates, and the soldier ordered 27. He regretted learning this afterward because he certainly would have gone for the gold. True story.