Justin Hayes

Justin Hayes

Business Development Manager

“Never let them see you sweat.”
–Gillette Company

“Justin Hayes is an individual who believes that life is molded by one’s choices, and he consistently adopts an optimistic perspective. Born in New York City (loyal to the New York Giants) and raised in Philadelphia (a dedicated Phillies supporter), Justin pursued his education in media and entertainment business at Temple University. His subsequent journey led him to engage with various aspects of the industry.

Beyond his enthusiasm for sports, Justin possesses a fervor for sales and business. He also nurtures a deep passion for music, both as a listener and creator, along with a penchant for collecting sneakers and embarking on culinary journeys while traveling. Holding the title of a self-proclaimed foodie, he understands the value of exploring new horizons for the richest experiences.

Justin’s overarching aspiration is to extract utmost happiness from life’s moments. His recent pursuit of happiness culminated in a fresh professional chapter with Lauer Media, a platform where he eagerly anticipates commencing an exciting new journey.”