Christie Orbin

Business Development Manager

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”

– Aristotle

Christie is a Business Development Manager for Lauer Media Company. At her core, Christie finds purpose in helping others achieve success. She will go above and beyond to build strong relationships and understand the “why” behind the thought process.

Christie is a small business owner herself and can relate firsthand to dealing with the infinite challenges of running a successful operation. She firmly believes that success is found in doing the common uncommonly well and that any problem or goal, no matter how large, can be broken down into little bite-size pieces. Working with Christie is like adding Mickey (Rocky reference) to your corner. Always there, always got your back, and always hitting you with something that helps you think, grow, and evolve.

Born and raised as a country girl, you’ll typically find Christie thriving in the sun, on the water, or traveling to new places. Her daily grind includes a love for working out, eating healthy, and spending quality time with her family. When she has a little downtime you will find her reading a book or learning a new skill. There’s rarely a dull moment with Christie around as she embraces life with an energy and enthusiasm that’s down right contagious!